Evening entertainment that matters.

“Is it a concert? Is it a TED Talk? Is it a comedy show? Is it a spiritual ceremony? Is it a networking event? I’m not sure, but it is awesome.” -Someone Who Came

Looking for an alternative to a movie, a night sitting around the same old bar, or just watching TV at home? Camp Phire Talk-Along events are evening experiences that matter. A group of people from all backgrounds gathering together to learn, to grow, and to connect with one another. Our local events happen around campfires (or fireplaces, or things that remind us of campfires), and they're led by one of our Camp Phire Leaders (we call them "Phire Starters") who are professional speakers and facilitators. Each Camp Phire features simple and beautiful music, drinks, and provocative conversations.

These events are intimate gatherings of interesting people discussing important topics. There is always a life lesson, a powerful question that will leave you thinking, and an opportunity to not only learn from our leaders, but more importantly, from the others who have gathered together.

Talk-along with us as we discuss a couple big, compelling, juicy topics. You’ll hear from Camp Phire’s founders, you’ll hear (and are welcome to sing along with) beautiful music, and you’ll actually talk to the people around you. It’s the conversations, the “talk-alongs” that make Camp Phire events like nothing else in the world. 

In a world where people don't talk to each other anymore. In a world where our only interactions with others happen in the social media comments section. In a world where we live in boxes, work in boxes, and spend our time looking at boxes. Let's get together. Let's talk. Let's have a little fun.