Campfires are sacred. They are powerful. They bring us together, face-to-face, around a primitive symbol of life, passion, and warmth. When we gather around a flame, we are equal, we are at peace, we are reconnected to one another. 

The world needs places where people of all beliefs, all political backgrounds, and all points of view can gather together to talk about the important stuff of life. When people come together the world gets healthier. But our world is pulling us all apart, and the consequences are too real.

People feel lonely, disconnected, anxious, and yearning for some pure connection - with other people and with the powerful force of the universe. Camp Phire is meeting this need. We are creating experiences, opportunities, and spaces that encourage deep human connection, inspire sacred moments of insight, and foster the betterment of each other (and the world). 

Our work is a combination of Social Excellence and soulful exuberance. We seek to create real human connection and allow for exploration of connecting with meaning and wonderment.